Am I invisible?

I had to share something I read today that hit a home run for me.

” There’s invisible labor that goes into making pots – Like loading and unloading kilns – That goes unnoticed in the finished pieces. In a way it’s like the invisible labor women have historically taken on in the home – much of it also relating to ceramics – cooking, setting and clearing up the table; all invisible aspects of the joy of mealtime. ”

I wish I had written this myself as simple and elegantly as this potter has, the best I can do is share it with you .

Below is the back 1/3 of my kiln as I loaded a few weeks ago. It sometimes takes 8-10 hours to load this kiln.

Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

October 19-21, 2018

Friday,Saturday 10-6

Sunday 10-5

U.S. Cellular Center

87 Haywood Street


Hi 😊 I’ll be in booth # 48 up on the concourse at the Craft Fair this long weekend . Below are some pictures of some pots I just finished unloading from the gas kiln yesterday.

I’m busy prepping the work ,pricing and choosing for packing . It’s a lot of work getting ready to do a big craft fair. I still have pots to sort thru in the display area in my basement but between the mini gallery and the fresh pots out of kiln I’m swamped with work . I really need a double booth to display the vast assortment of work that I do 😳 15’x6′ isn’t enough ❤️

Come buy local and support the artists who dance a jig when they sell 😄 I’ve got my dancing shoes on just for you and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone ❤️

all my work is oven and dishwasher ( bottom rack too) safe . I use the strongest Stoneware claybody available and fire to the hottest temperature. Approx : 2045*F colors are limited at this high temp but I chose its strength and endurance for every day use for families .

I fire in a reduction gas fueled kiln my husband John and I built. It’s a 12 hour firing with 6-8 hours of preheat prior to turning on the main burners and almost 3 full day cool down before I can unload . This way of firing and the slow cool down helps develop the micro crystals that come from the interaction between the glaze and overspray of copper wash . It’s a subtle beauty that pairs well with the intricate details in my work .

I do this for You my collectors and supporters ❤️thank you for choosing me as your potter 😁

I fire 3-4 kiln loads a year only as it’s a big kiln and my work has evolved as I choose to make pots that take all my skills from almost 40 years of study and working in this medium.

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