Am I invisible?

I had to share something I read today that hit a home run for me.

” There’s invisible labor that goes into making pots – Like loading and unloading kilns – That goes unnoticed in the finished pieces. In a way it’s like the invisible labor women have historically taken on in the home – much of it also relating to ceramics – cooking, setting and clearing up the table; all invisible aspects of the joy of mealtime. ”

I wish I had written this myself as simple and elegantly as this potter has, the best I can do is share it with you .

Below is the back 1/3 of my kiln as I loaded a few weeks ago. It sometimes takes 8-10 hours to load this kiln.

Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

October 19-21, 2018

Friday,Saturday 10-6

Sunday 10-5

U.S. Cellular Center

87 Haywood Street


Hi 😊 I’ll be in booth # 48 up on the concourse at the Craft Fair this long weekend . Below are some pictures of some pots I just finished unloading from the gas kiln yesterday.

I’m busy prepping the work ,pricing and choosing for packing . It’s a lot of work getting ready to do a big craft fair. I still have pots to sort thru in the display area in my basement but between the mini gallery and the fresh pots out of kiln I’m swamped with work . I really need a double booth to display the vast assortment of work that I do 😳 15’x6′ isn’t enough ❤️

Come buy local and support the artists who dance a jig when they sell 😄 I’ve got my dancing shoes on just for you and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone ❤️

all my work is oven and dishwasher ( bottom rack too) safe . I use the strongest Stoneware claybody available and fire to the hottest temperature. Approx : 2045*F colors are limited at this high temp but I chose its strength and endurance for every day use for families .

I fire in a reduction gas fueled kiln my husband John and I built. It’s a 12 hour firing with 6-8 hours of preheat prior to turning on the main burners and almost 3 full day cool down before I can unload . This way of firing and the slow cool down helps develop the micro crystals that come from the interaction between the glaze and overspray of copper wash . It’s a subtle beauty that pairs well with the intricate details in my work .

I do this for You my collectors and supporters ❤️thank you for choosing me as your potter 😁

I fire 3-4 kiln loads a year only as it’s a big kiln and my work has evolved as I choose to make pots that take all my skills from almost 40 years of study and working in this medium.

Elephant pedicure blues .

Started a herd of elephants yesterday and managed to only get bodies , butts , saddle and trunks thrown. Today I worked on legs , bird knobs, tail tassel and tusks.

Tonite I worked on elephant toes . 6 elephants = 24 x 4 toes 😮 all with porcelain inlays! I got 3 sets inlaid tonite and still have 3 more sets to do tomorrow. When all are set I will buff and polish !

Ears and tail are the last things to make before assemblage and the MAGIC ❤️. Pictures tomorrow of the progress ❤️

It’s been a hectic month and very little time to post much . The Leicester studio tour is done and I’m working toward the Guild Fair now . Talk more tomorrow ❤️

How I spent my summer vacation.

I got back to work in the studio FINALLY this week.  There is so much to do after a show ends and getting ready for the  studio  tour that happens this weekend August 18-19.  It’s also my birthday month so I treat myself to metal yard art I collect at a local craft fair . This year I got 5 new pieces so the paint bombs went crazy and I even got my hubby hooked on paintbombing the plastic outside chairs ! What a riot of color !

So most everything is ready to go for the tour. Praying for good weather in spite of a gloomy rain forecast for Saturday and Sunday .

Haircut / clean studio/ get signs out / get tents up and refreshment table set up/ get all business needs in place and get ready to welcome all that make the trip ❤️

Spread the word folks , it’s a really fun tour and seeing the beautiful country side north/west of Asheville and just minutes away from downtown in some places ( me )  I love Leicester pronounced Lester !

Man eating chicken

  Another day has begun with Mr Roo sounding the alarms out in the coop!. Today is also 2nd Saturday down in the River Arts District in Asheville,NC ❤️ I’m part of the hospitality committee and get to be the hostess from 1-3:30 pm today. I am bringing 1/2 of my watermelon to share with everyone that comes to visit our Co Op and Studios on the premises .  Yeah ❤️  Diane Gillispie and Trish Salmon are our featured Artists for the month of August and seeing I worked the ODYSSEY co op gallery yesterday I got to see their BEAUTIFUL DISPLAYS ❤️  Come join us today , we are the only gallery that has live music and we also have clay demo’s And refreshments of many types ❤️

Dont forget to put next weekends tour of the Leicester Artists Studio’s on your radar ❤️ and download your own map ! I’m #1 location on the map and only 9 miles from Odyssey Co Op

I’ll be serving cold lemonade, ,sangria and sparkling wine plus light refreshments. Maybe more if I get needed help as hubby stays busy with parking directions lol



Hi 👋🏻 I’m working at Odyssey Co Op today 8-10-2018 and it’s been slow so I’ve time to chat a bit and share a few things.

The tour is approaching soon. Next Saturday and Sunday August 18-19 from 10am-6pm both days ! You can download a map from the website above and I’ll post a picture of it here if possible. I’m still learning how to use and navigate WordPress .

The past few weeks I’ve been readying for the self guided tour by cleaning and setting up the mini gallery and the basement showroom. I’ve also purchased some new metal YARD ART and added my own touch by spraying canned paint on them and refreshing some of my older ones plus I painted the metal bench wild colors. Here are just a few as I’ve been collecting for at least 20 maybe closer to 25 years now ❤️

yeah this is the tour map and I’m # 1 on the map . this is my mini gallery. It’s only 8’x10′ inside . I also have a wild and crazy ‘ man eating chicken’ on the site called Mr Roo ! Watch out for him as he may try to woo you❤️😎

My birthday 🎂 is almost here! 2 days from today and I’m opposite my only granddaughter in age ! She will be 16 about 1.5 weeks from my day . So it’s a special year ❤️

I finally got back into the studio yesterday and weighed wedged for 6 elephants and 3 trays ; 2 lasagna and 2 meatloaf pans ; 4 olive oil 2 partners and I’m not sure what else I prepped for but I’m gonna be busy busy busy for next few months ! Hugs ❤️thanks for reading this blog today ❤️

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