Hi 👋🏻 I’m working at Odyssey Co Op today 8-10-2018 and it’s been slow so I’ve time to chat a bit and share a few things.

The http://www.cometoleicester.org tour is approaching soon. Next Saturday and Sunday August 18-19 from 10am-6pm both days ! You can download a map from the website above and I’ll post a picture of it here if possible. I’m still learning how to use and navigate WordPress .

The past few weeks I’ve been readying for the self guided tour by cleaning and setting up the mini gallery and the basement showroom. I’ve also purchased some new metal YARD ART and added my own touch by spraying canned paint on them and refreshing some of my older ones plus I painted the metal bench wild colors. Here are just a few as I’ve been collecting for at least 20 maybe closer to 25 years now ❤️

yeah this is the tour map and I’m # 1 on the map . this is my mini gallery. It’s only 8’x10′ inside . I also have a wild and crazy ‘ man eating chicken’ on the site called Mr Roo ! Watch out for him as he may try to woo you❤️😎

My birthday 🎂 is almost here! 2 days from today and I’m opposite my only granddaughter in age ! She will be 16 about 1.5 weeks from my day . So it’s a special year ❤️

I finally got back into the studio yesterday and weighed wedged for 6 elephants and 3 trays ; 2 lasagna and 2 meatloaf pans ; 4 olive oil 2 partners and I’m not sure what else I prepped for but I’m gonna be busy busy busy for next few months ! Hugs ❤️thanks for reading this blog today ❤️

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