9/7/11 Wednesday

 I slept late today and need to get busy fast.   Meeting at 3 pm at THE VILLAGE POTTERS with all my peeps :o )  have not seen most of them for weeks now and one is new to me.  

    Gotta find salt and pepper set and maybe a vase of some sort as a member of RADA river arts district association called yesterday asking for props for a meeting with some VIPS they plan to wine and dine at a local eattery  which they will decorate with pieces from the RADA ARTISTS….    I told her to come to the village potters to pick up today… 

 I am now working on square things in the studio.   BIG square  pitchers, small gravy’s and next will be itty bitty square t pots and small/med ones too…   I am completely out of teapots…    I think next will be extruded items like salt and pepper and olive oil sets..   cause I need em and am completely OUT…    I am so wanting to BREAK OUT of the GOTTA DO’S and free some time for the WANNA DO’S  ….       but with only a 3 week window to make enough stuff to fill a big gas kiln  my options are limited as I need to make stuff people are buying these days so I can spend time on the WANNA DO’S after :o )     

     I am so excited to hear that WE ” the village potters”  expect to open soon,  maybe mid november  having a  grand opening… the sad thing is I wont be able to be there unless it is 3rd saturday in nov. which would be thanksgiving weekend I believe….  actually that would not be a bad time  to have an opening but I am the lone potter who has show committments for the first 2 saturdays in nov…..  I could do a end of oct opening   , I expect to talk this out with the peeps today :o )   what ever is good for them will be good for me too….  they will be my ambassador’s  :o )  

Well  I better get my buns in the shower and get my very busy day started…      Cat

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